I write for those who are interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and how to make it work for them. But in the beginning, until I get to know Medium better, I will be more of a reader than a writer.

I also started a publication on Substack, with the same title as here, but neglected it until recently: AI, Democracy, Human Values, ... and YOU. It contains five essays: Man's Search for Relevance, Free Will and Democracy, Democracy as a Champion of Human Values, AI Language Models as Golems, and Democratic Regulations of AI. Career: PhD Mathematics, MSc Computer Science, worked in AI and cybersecurity. The notes I kept through the years have been the source for the website Artificial Intelligence, Dreams and Fears of A Blue Dot.

Currently: Founded the nonprofit SD-AI (Stronger Democracy through Artificial Intelligence). Links to my various social media profiles are here and a personal website is here.

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Adrian Zidaritz

Adrian Zidaritz

Computer Scientist. PhD Mathematics UC Berkeley, 1992. Writes about the impact of artificial intelligence on democracy, human values, and your own well-being.